10 Quick Ways to Sleep (People with Insomnia Must Read)

Everyone needs sleep, without exception. Sleep is a moment where the body is momentarily rested after a full day of activities. However, there are times when you have trouble sleeping. Whatever the reason, the obvious sleep disturbance (insomnia) is very disturbing. Well, there are a number of tips or fast sleep methods that you can do so. What are some ways to sleep?

Fast Sleep (Easy and Effective)

Sleeplessness or in the medical world known as insomnia can and seems to have happened to almost everyone, maybe including you one of them. Considering sleep is an essential requirement of the body, this condition of insomnia certainly cannot be allowed to continue because it will interfere with bodily functions.

The following are some fast sleep methods that you can apply to get quality sleep.

1.4-Hour Dinner Before Sleeping

From the research that has been done, it was agreed that dinner 4 (four) hours before going to bed at night is an effective way of fast sleep. As long as, the type of food you consume is foods such as eggs, vegetables, and fruits.

Instead, avoid types of foods such as fatty meat, chocolate, and foods that contain spicy because these foods tend to be difficult to digest so that it actually disrupts sleep.

2.Drink Warm Milk

Drinking warm milk before going to bed instead of coffee and other types of drinks containing caffeine will make you sleep faster.

In addition, the high calcium content in milk if taken before bed can optimize bone growth, and treat bone health and strength, both of which occur when you are sleeping.

3.Warm Water Bath

The next fast sleep method that is claimed to be effective in helping you sleep at night is, by taking a warm bath about 1 (one) hour before going to bed.

Warm water serves to provide a sense of comfort and relaxation in the body. This of course helps the body to be able to sleep quickly. Plus the condition of your bedroom is cool, it should not be up to 30 minutes you have fallen asleep.

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4.Create a Sleep Schedule, Obey

Although it requires adaptation, but this fast way to sleep is considered effective for dealing with sleep disorders (insomnia) that you experience.

For example, you schedule to sleep at 9 pm every day. Although initially it is difficult, but if done in a disciplined manner, the body will get used to giving signals to the hormone melatonin and serotonin at the appointed hour, so don’t be surprised if your body is ready to be rested at that hour.

5.Turn off the lights

Lighting in the bedroom also affects how fast you can fall asleep. If you want to sleep fast, turning off the lights or at least installing a desk lamp with small light is one of the effective fast sleep methods.

This method is also to support the way that sleep can be delivered in the previous point, and so that the effect is felt, ideally turn off the lights about 1 hour before going to bed.

6.Turn off Gadgets, Televisions, and So on

Fun staring at favorite gadgets or watching television (if television is available in the room) is a bad habit that in the end will only make it difficult for you to sleep, especially if this is done continuously.

Therefore, the quick way to sleep you have to do is to temporarily turn off these objects. This will help you to focus and relax, which then affects the appearance of drowsiness.

7.Listening to Music

Research has shown that listening to music before bed is effective to speed up someone to sleep. Not only that, music also produces quality sleep.

However, keep in mind this fast way to sleep can only be felt when the music you listen to is rhythmic slow and soft. Classical instrumental songs might be the right choice to take you to dreamland.

8.Aromatherapy Fragrances

The research team from Wesleyan University in 2005 suggested that aromatherapy is effective in speeding up a person to fall asleep, even increasing the quality of sleep itself.

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How to be able to sleep with a breath of air freshener with aromatherapy fragrance such as fragrant lavender flowers can even immediately feel the effect in just 2-3 minutes. Aromatherapy is also claimed to make the body feel fit when you wake up the next day.

Therefore, it is best to install air freshener as aromatherapy so you can sleep faster.

9.Techniques 4-7-8

Andrew Weil, a specialist in internal medicine from the United States (US) introduced a fast sleep method which he later named as tekni 4-7-8. Just like other fast sleep methods, the purpose of the 4-7-8 technique is to relax the body and mind so that it helps the body feel sleepy and want to sleep quickly.

How to do the 4-7-8 technique in order to sleep faster are as follows:

  • Attach the tip of the tongue to the roof of the mouth, precisely behind the upper teeth
  • Gently exhale breath by mouth
  • Shut up, then breathe slowly through your nose while counting to 4
  • Hold your breath until the 7th count
  • Gently exhale by mouth until the count of 8
  • Do this method 3-5 times

Keep in mind, how to be able to sleep does not immediately feel the effect on the first or even second experiment. Discipline and consistency in doing this method are the main keys so that the benefits really feel later.

10.Massaging Sleepy Trigger Points

A health practitioner named Dr. Idzikowski suggests for those of you who want to get to sleep quickly to do a way to be able to sleep that is massaging certain points of the body, which according to him produces a relaxing effect so that the body feels sleepy.

These points include the upper nose (exactly between two eyebrows), or the right toe, especially the thumb and index finger. Massage the points slowly for a maximum of 30 seconds until drowsiness appears.

Causes of Sleep Difficulty

What is the reason why you have trouble sleeping? There are a number of factors that cause a person to experience insomnia. But in general, more insomnia is motivated by conditions such as:

  • Stress, lots of thoughts, etc.
  • Consume too much caffeine
  • Can not be separated from the gadget
  • Disease

For the last point, this requires further examination by the doctor to find a solution to cure the disease so that sleep disorders can also be overcome. The rest, you can do fast sleep methods above to overcome the problem of insomnia. May be useful!