5 Stages of Sleep

What is the deepest stage of sleep? Sleeping is important because it can help us to keep the immune system and the health of our body so that we can be more energized when we are awake. Sleep itself consists of 5 stages which the first 4 stages are NREM and the last stage is REM. Do you want to know more about the stages of sleep? Here are the details.

The First Stage – Light Sleep

In this light sleep stage, we can easily be awakened. In this first stage, our eyes move very slowly and our muscles start to get relaxed so that we feel sleepy. This stage lasts for around 5 minutes. Many people experience a sudden muscle contraction in this first stage which is called myoclonia hypnic. They feel like they are going to fall. If we wake up from this initial stage, we might remember fragmented visual images. Most people cannot remember what happens a few minutes before they are asleep. This is the reason why people forget about the conversation or phone call in at midnight.

The Second Stage – Start to Sleep

Most adults spend their night sleep at this stage. In this second stage, our breath and heartbeat start to be regular, eye movement stops, body temperature decreases, and we start to fall asleep. Our brain waves become slow too.

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The Third & Fourth Stages – Deep Sleep

This is the restorative stage where our energy is recovered and our body cells are improved. In this stage, our blood pressure decreases, our breath becomes slow, and muscles are relaxed. In the third stage, the brain waves become very slow which is called delta waves. In the fourth stage, our brain only produces delta waves. The blood supply to muscles increases. And various hormones, especially growth hormones which are important for body growth and development are released.

The Fifth Stage – REM Stage

This REM stage happens in the first 70 minutes to 90 minutes after we fall asleep and repeated every 90 minutes at each stage. This is the stage when we are dreaming. This REM sleep is very important to optimally keep the functions of our body. In this stage, our brain keeps us to stay asleep so that we are not easily awakened. If you follow tips on how to get a good night sleep, you will be able to get this deepest stage of sleep. That is the answer to the question of what is the deepest stage of sleep.