6 Foods Help Overcome Insomnia

Having a myriad of activities and activities makes most people who live in big cities, like Jakarta, experience insomnia or insomnia. Lack of sleep will certainly make you weak, difficult to concentrate, and can even be bad for health. Avoid taking sleeping pills.

The ideal sleep requirement for adults is for 7 to 8 hours every day. If you often find it difficult to sleep or sleep less than 5 hours for days, then your mental and physical health can be disrupted. You get irritable easily, often worry excessively, even insomnia can make your skin damaged and your body fat, because your appetite increases. So, you don’t want to be affected by insomnia? Try eating the following 6 foods that can help you to sleep:

1. Banana

This delicious fruit can actually overcome insomnia. The content of melatonin and tryptophan (which will later be converted to serotonin) in bananas can help you sleep. Bananas also contain magnesium which helps to relieve tense body muscles, so you feel more relaxed.

2. Oatmeal

You definitely won’t be able to sleep hungry. Well, before going to bed, try eating a bowl of oatmeal or oatmeal. Foods that are rich in carbohydrates can stimulate the natural production of serotonin which can improve mood and make the digestive system work slower, so the stomach will feel full for a long time.

In addition, oatmeal also triggers insulin production which will make blood sugar levels rise, so you will feel very sleepy. Because it is made from oats that are rich in melatonin, oatmeal can make the body relax and you quickly fall asleep.

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3. Warm Milk and Honey

It won’t make you fat, in fact drinking warm milk at night will help you to sleep well. Because, in a glass of milk contains tryptophan and amino acids. Not only milk, honey is also good to drink before going to bed. Honey is rich in glucose which is useful for telling the brain to reduce orexin performance. You only need to take one tablespoon of honey to sleep well.

4. Relaxing Tea

Although tea is known to contain caffeine, certain types of tea can have a mild sedative effect, so you will find it easy to sleep. The most popular sedative teas for treating insomnia are peppermint and herbal teas. In addition, chamomile tea is also very good to drink before going to bed, because it contains glycine which can relax nerves and muscles.

5. Nuts

Snacking on nuts can actually help you sleep, you know. But don’t eat just any beans. One type of bean that is good for insomnia is almonds. Its high magnesium content and tryptophan in it can help reduce nerve and brain function. Almonds can also stabilize the heart rhythm, making you sleepy quickly. In addition to almonds, Brazil nuts and walnuts are also good snacks, because they contain protein, potassium, and selenium which make sleep hormones work better.

6. Salad

Besides being good to eat at night because it does not fatten the body, a salad that has lettuce in it can also make you sleep better. The content of lactucarium in lettuce has sedative properties and relaxes the brain.

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If insomnia continues even worse, consult a doctor immediately to get the right treatment.