8 Due to Sleeping Too Long (Can Sleep Forever)

The phrase “everything that is excessive is not good” may be true, not least in matters of sleep. Although sleep is an ‘enjoyable’ activity (and indeed a need), the fact is that sleeping too long according to a number of studies can have a negative impact on the health of the body. So, what are the consequences of sleeping too long? Really to cause death?

Due to Sleep Too Long, Can Cause Death?

As mentioned above, the effects of sleeping too long can be a number of health problems, even from mild to serious. Well, the following is the result of sleeping for too long which you need to know and be aware of.


It feels like almost everyone who sleeps too long, then when he wakes his head feels dizzy and hurts. As a result of sleeping too long this is a common thing, considering the chemical compounds in the brain experience interference.

2.Experiencing Depression

From the results of a number of studies, it is known that the consequences of sleeping too long can lead to conditions of depression in the perpetrators. It is said that around 15 percent of people who sleep for too long experience depression.

The study also revealed that if the habit was not immediately stopped, it was feared that depression would be worse.

3.Memory Disorders

One of the benefits of sleep is improving brain function, especially those related to memory abilities. But this does not apply if you sleep too long. Yes, due to sleeping too long it actually makes memory decline.

The danger of sleeping for too long is this one because when you sleep more than the normal duration, the function of brain cells will be degraded, thus impacting on weakened memory.


As a result of sleeping too long, a person is also more at risk for developing blood sugar or diabetes. Even if you have diabetes, then following the body’s willingness to sleep for a long time will only aggravate the diabetes.

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Instead of sleeping, try to fill your time with more useful and healthy activities such as reading a book or exercising.

5.Obesity (Obesity)

Obesity or obesity is also one of the effects of sleeping too long which you may experience if this habit is left continuously.

Due to sleep for too long this is due to a slowdown in the body’s metabolism, so that the fat that is supposed to be wasted even builds up and leads to an increase in weight drastically to exceed the ideal size.

The danger of sleeping too long has even been agreed by a study. It was said in the study that people who had sleep duration beyond the normal level were at risk of obesity 21 percent higher than those who slept in normal duration.

6.Heart attack

Do not consider sleeping too long is something that is not too negative for the body. In fact, this habit also plays a role in increasing the risk of a deadly disease that is a heart attack, you know.

A study involving 72 thousand female participants found that the duration of sleep for 9-11 hours each night caused coronary heart attacks in 38 percent of the total participants.

Although the correlation between the consequences of sleeping too long with a heart attack cannot be known with certainty, this may be a kind of early warning for you to be able to better manage your schedule and sleep duration so as not to overdo it.

7.Back pain

When you sleep too long, usually when you wake up your back will feel pain. Not surprisingly, because back pain is the effect of sleeping too long which is almost certain to happen to anyone who did it. Moreover, if the bed used for sleep does not accommodate the body well.

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This condition is certainly quite disturbing your daily activities, right? Therefore, as much as possible avoid this in order to maintain productivity. Do not hesitate to see a doctor if you have experienced back pain due to sleeping too long.


The danger of sleeping too long according to other studies can even reach an increased risk of death. People who sleep above 9 hours have the potential to die more than those who sleep in the ideal duration.

Just as the effects of sleep are too long in the form of heart disease, the correlation between the two is not certain. It is strongly suspected that this is related to the feeling of depression which is also caused by sleeping too long.

Causes of Sleep Too Long

Sleep is a natural activity. Sleep becomes a momentum for the body to rest after a day of activities. Like a machine, the body cannot continue to work, because this can disrupt the body’s performance.

Sleep that is lacking has the potential to cause the body to experience a number of health problems, ranging from extreme fatigue, loss of concentration, to illness.

However, even sleeping too long cannot be said to be good for the body, and even the negative effects are the same as lack of sleep. Normally, humans need 7-9 hours to sleep. More than that, then you can be said to sleep too long.

The cause of sleep for too long is generally because you are too ‘comfortable’ to sleep on a soft mattress.

However, sleeping too long can be a sign that something is wrong with you, whether it’s because of depression, hypersomnia, or obstructive sleep apnea.

Tips for Improving Sleep Duration to Quality

Given the dangers of sleeping too long above, then it’s time for you to stop the habit for a healthier life. To improve the quality of sleep, there are several tips or ways you can do, namely:

  • Adjust your sleep schedule, for example from 9pm to 5am, every day
  • Don’t consume foods or drinks that contain caffeine and alcohol
  • An nap with an ideal duration, a maximum of one and a half hours
  • Create a comfortable sleeping room atmosphere
  • Regular exercise

That’s the information about sleeping too long and the consequences. How, still don’t want to change your habits too? Remember, life can be a bet. May be useful!