Facts About Sleep Paralysis that You Need to Know

Have you ever felt “paralysis” while sleeping? Already in a conscious condition but the body is stiff, chest tightness, and can not open eyes? If so, you are experiencing sleep paralysis.

Actually, this phenomenon can be explained medically. But because of the lack of information, many consider the phenomenon of sleep paralysis as a mystical alias, due to the “oppression” of spirits. It’s legitimate, because indeed when sleep paralysis occurs, some people will hallucinate as if they see a black shadow in front of him, even though there isn’t. So, why does sleep paralysis occur?

What to do when you have sleep paralysis? Check out the explanation of the facts of sleep paralysis below, let’s! [link]

Causes of Sleep Paralysis

For those of you who think that sleep paralysis occurs because of the “oppression” of spirits, you don’t need to be afraid anymore because the cause of sleep paralysis can be explained medically. Several studies have mentioned that sleep paralysis can occur due to lack of sleep, irregular sleep patterns, sleep position, insomnia, family history, and psychological stresses such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

Sleep Paralysis Process

When you sleep, the body goes into a phase change between NREM (non-rapid eye movement) sleep and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. During the NREM sleep phase, your body will be very relaxed because it is in the process of self-recovery. After the NREM sleep phase ends, the sleep process will switch to REM sleep phase. In this phase of REM sleep dreams occur and the body’s muscles “turn off”.

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Well, you will experience sleep paralysis if you wake up before the REM sleep phase is over. As a result, the brain is not ready to send wake-up signals so the body is still conditioned in half-sleep and half-conscious. That is why you will feel a stiff body, difficulty breathing, can not talk when you have sleep paralysis.

Then, What to Do when Sleep Paralysis Happens?

To be sure, you can’t panic. Because a study published in the journal Clinical Psychological Science states that the sensation of panic during sleep paralysis will only make a person more depressed. In fact, if you consider that the sleep paralysis you are experiencing due to the “oppression” of spirits, this can make the sleep paralysis event a horrible and traumatic experience. So what can be done? First, you can take a deep breath and force it out. And secondly, you can also move the tips of your fingers / toes to help you stay awake and free from sleep paralysis.

Well, because sleep paralysis is part of a phase of sleep that is not yet perfect, this phenomenon will end with time. But, you can do something to prevent the occurrence of sleep paralysis, namely by getting enough sleep, sleeping in a comfortable position, avoid eating before going to bed, avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol, and regular exercise.