How Long Should Your Kids Sleep?

How much sleep do kids need? Infants and kids need enough sleep in order to help their mental and physical development. The sleep duration needed by babies and kids is different, depends on their ages. According to the National Sleep Foundation, here is the sleep duration which is needed by infants and kids according to their ages.

Newborn to 3 Months Old Infants

A newborn needs to sleep for 14 hours to 17 hours per day. This sleep duration is not spent in just one sleep, but in many times of sleep and it is irregular. Usually, a newborn will sleep for an hour to 3 hours in one sleep. They will wake up when they need their diaper to be changed or when they are hungry.

4 Months to 11 Months Old Infants

4 months old infants to 11 months old infants need to sleep for 12 hours to 15 hours per day. Infants in these ages usually nap twice a day. At the age of 6 months, a baby usually does not wake up in the middle of the night anymore for breastfeeding. They will spend the night with good night sleep. However, this will probably occur at the age of 9 months in some other babies.

1-2 Years Old Kids

Kids aged 1-2 years old need to sleep for 11 hours to 14 hours in a day. When they are at 18 months old, the kids will usually nap once in a day for an hour to 3 hours. It will be better if you make sure your kids get a nap in the day because it is good for the development of their brains. Moreover, make sure your kids do not get a nap during the evening because it will make them hardly to fall asleep at night.

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3-5 Years Old Kids

When your kids are reaching 3 years old, their sleep duration will reduce. They will only need 10 hours to 13 hours in a day to sleep. At these ages, some kids usually have trouble sleeping and wake up at midnight. At these ages too, their imagination is getting wilder so that they tend to have nightmares. Besides making sure your kids get enough sleep, you also need to make sure they have a quality sleep by finding out how to get a good night sleep. Because it is included in how much sleep do kids need.