How Many Hours of Sleep Do Adults Need to Maintain Health

Just like the proverb says sweet sleep, it carries many reasons of why you should sleep in adequate amount. Enough sleep will help you to keep your body healthy and improve your mood, so you will be more productive and creative. Sufficient sleep is fundamental for health and survival, it’s better not to challenge yourself by ignoring tips for a good night sleep.

How to Detect How Much Time You Need to Sleep

Actually, there is more than one aspect that affect how much sleep that you actually need like your age, healthy level, genes and activities you do during the day. But the latest official recommendations said adults generally would need around seven to nine hours during the night.

Each individual needs different length of time to sleep and surely will change as you age. There’s a big chance that you start to look for best way to go to sleep when you are older. You should be able to figure out if your current sleep routine is enough or not through the following.

#1.The first thing you should realize is how long it takes you before you actually sleep. According to the sleep experts, you should be able to fall asleep after laying down for 15 to 20 minutes. If you can easily sleep the moment you reach your bed even without feeling drowse off, it means you don’t get enough sleep.

If you are still awake longer than the ideal period, some factors probably cause it including caffeine consumption, too much sleeping, large portion of meal or mental factors like anxiety. Detect the reason of why you can’t get asleep and work it out. You should also start learning things to do to fall asleep.

#2.If you need multiple alarms to get you awake or you are still struggling when it goes off, your body is telling you to sleep more. Otherwise, you probably need to alter the sleep schedule to overcome this problem and get you easily awake.

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On the contrary, if you can wake up without hustle almost every morning, or you are waking up several times during night, you are given signs that your sleep is enough. But, you should keep in your mind that these conditions occur without certain factors like drinking alcohol or coffee before sleeping, urge for urination, or any medical condition.

#3.Learn a better schedule which is suitable for you by writing down your sleep routine on a journal. Write the time you go to bed as well as when you get up. Complement this with information about your feeling during the day. You should take note when you feel fatigue, anxiety or moody. The day when you feel those probably instigated by sleep deprivation.

How to Get Better Quality Sleep

Lack of sleep can lead to serious problems for both physical and mental health. In order to get the best sleeping effect, you should pay attention on its quality. Improve it by following these what to do to get sleep list below.

1.Prioritize Your Sleep Routine

This is the first rule to let you have a quality sleep. In order to make it as priority, you need to learn the importance of sleep and what it can cause if you pay no attention to it. This way, you will be able to have enough motivation and commitment to get adequate and worth sleep.

2.Set A Regular Sleep Routine

You should decide what time you are going to go to bed. Set what time you should stop your work, shut down any electronic appliances, put on hold any other things that you can still do it tomorrow. Give time preparation for these about 30 minutes before laying your body.

Decide the time you should lay on bed and what time you wake up in the morning. Afterwards, you should follow this schedule everyday even on weekends. Sleeping regularly on the same time during night is one of things to help you sleep better which will definitely improve your biological clock.

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3.Create Calming Situations

One of the best way to sleep at night is creating calming situations which will let you relax. You can take a warm bath before your sleeping schedule then playing a calm music while laying on bed. Thus, you may want to practice some meditation or other relaxation technique that would help you to calm your body and mind. Use everything that would set your mood to sleep.

4.Make A Comfortable Environment

When you are thinking about how to go to sleep easily, you should also start to provide a comfortable environment. Improve your sleep environment by turning off all lights, maintain appropriate temperature and try to keep it quite with no electronics including television, tablets and phone. You can also use a white noise to develop perfect situation to sleep.

5.Get Hold On Stress Management

Ask yourself about how can I get to sleep.  Maybe your mind is too occupied by various things that wouldn’t let you to relax and get sleep. On this matter, you need to learn about stress management. Avoid stressful discussion and find the best way to manage your tasks at work, family and school as well.

If you are feeling anxious about certain things so much that you can’t get your eyes closed, you should decide to postpone this. Try to relieve your mind by writing in on a paper or book. You can read it on the next day when you can actually resolve it.

 6.Pay Attention to Your Food

One thing that you shouldn’t ignore on how to get yourself to sleep is about what you eat and drink especially when you are going to go to sleep. You should avoid heavy meals and too much drink when the time is approaching your sleep schedule. Some kinds of food can really affect your sleep so bad that it disrupts its quality like alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and sugary food.

7.Let Your Body More Active

Based on the studies, people who is being inactive tend to have poorer sleep. Meanwhile, people who exercise frequently has shown significant improvement on sleep disorders. Take exercise for at least 30 minutes during the day and you will get better sleep in the night.