How much Deep Sleep do I need? A Quick Discussion

Well, sometimes, we feel so tired and wonder: how much deep sleep do I need? Well, if you are researching about the amount of sleep that is recommended, then, it is highly possible that you would find several different answers but most of them mention about seven to nine hours of sleeping time. In reality, though, it is way more complicated since our lifestyle demands us to be extremely busy during our productive hours and a misunderstanding on how to get a good night sleep could cause a nuisance.

Sleeping stages

However, before we jump to the main discussion, it is best that we figure out the different stages that we undergo when we go asleep. In total, there are five stages that you will encounter.

In stage one; your body is transitioning from the state of awake to the state of sleep. This kind of sleep is light and is categorized as NREM (Non-Rapid Eye Movement) sleep and it only takes a short amount of time.

When you reach stage two, your sleep becomes steadier although it remains a light sleep. Your muscles will get relaxed and your cardiovascular activities will become lower. Besides, your brain will become less active.

Stage three and four are two stages that are very closely linked. The third stage is where you enter the deep sleep state and the fourth stage is where you sleep the deepest. All of your body activities will reach their lowest levels and your body starts to repair itself.

The last stage is the REM (Rapid-Eye-Movement) sleep and it starts when you have been sleeping for 90 minutes. All of your body activities will start to look as if you are awake and you will have a dream. To prevent yourself from acting physically, the arms and legs of yours will become inactive temporarily.  

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The deep sleep you need

Now, actually, how much deep sleep do I need? For average healthy adults, 13-23% of their sleep is categorized into the deep sleep. Technically, if we do the math, if you take 9 hours to sleep at night, then, 1.17 to 2.07 hours are the approximate number of deep sleep that you need. Lack of deep sleep, on the other hand, will cause several regenerating effects in your body to be inactive and you will eventually suffer from sleep deprivation. Well, now, you have the answer to how much deep sleep do I need!