How much sleep do you need by age?

How much sleep do you need by age? Someone’s time period of sleeping is commonly determined by the habit. There are some people who feel enough only with 3-4 hours of sleeping per day without any problems. Meanwhile, some others need more than that but they are even people who can easily go sleeping. It is not bad actually as long as their body metabolism systems are still kept well. However, it is much better to sleep ideally based on the ages.

The Ideal Sleep Based on the Age

Lydia Don Carlos, Ph.D., from Loyola University Chicago Stitch School of Medicine is one of the experts who make a recommendation how much sleep needed by someone based on the age. After doing some research with some indicators, the results are as follow.

For a newborn baby, until he or she is around 3 months old, the baby needs to sleep around 14-17 hours per day. The older he or she is, the sleeping time is getting decreased but not significantly. The baby of 4-11 months old needs 12-15 hours of sleeping time per day. It is continued by the toddlers of 1-2 years old, they need to sleep around 11-14 hours per day while pre-school toddlers or 3-5 years old, they need around 10-13 hours to sleep.

For children above 6 years old and below 13 years old, the ideal sleeping time is 9-11 hours per day. Teenagers of 14-17 years old, on the other hand, need 8-10 hours per day, not so much different for the children. Adults from 18 to 60 years old ideally sleep around 7-9 hours per day. Lastly, elderly sleeping time is relatively the same as adults but they are allowed to sleep less around 7-8 hours per day.


The ideal sleeping time is different based on age. Well, there are some indicators that influence sleeping necessities. Baby needs more sleep since it helps them to grow well for the improvement of hormone secretion. Meanwhile, the development of the brain, nerve, and immune system tend to be more optimal at the time they are sleeping.

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Meanwhile, the sleep for teenagers and adults are basically to recover their strength so that they are able to do activities more optimally. Just like the baby, teenagers and adults’ body system development is actually also influenced by how much they are sleeping. However, it is not as significant as the baby. In general, adults’ body has been more ready to work with less sleeping.

Benefits of Applying Ideal Sleep

With enough sleep, your body’s health tends to be in better condition. All the organs that have been worked all day long must need time to take a rest including the brain, skin, metabolism system, and hormone. During the sleep, the information that enters the brain is arranged more orderly. That’s why; if you have quality sleep, you feel fresh in the morning. It is even possible for you to find solutions for the problems you have experienced in the previous days.

The ideal amount of sleep is also really beneficial for the cells that build up your body. Yes, the body cells are regenerated very optimally when sleeping. That’s why enough sleeping is good to maintain your immune system and able to avoid you from diseases. Furthermore, some benefits can also be clearly seen from the outside. One of them is that someone’s skin may look brighter and firmer with fewer wrinkles although they are probably not young anymore.

Some hormones tend to work better when you are sleeping. One of them is melatonin hormone that works more effectively at night particularly in a dark situation. This hormone is functioned to strengthen the immune system.

Can you sleep less or more than the suggestion?

As information, the amount of sleeping mentioned above refers to general situations. It means that you can sleep more or less than that with some notes. For the baby, they should not sleep less than 12 hours per day since it may affect their body development. Therefore, the parents must provide a quiet and conducive environment for them. Some examples, you should not let other children or people make a noise around the baby’s room.

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Besides, it is not allowed for the adults to sleep for less than 4 hours. Such sleeping disorders may cause further problems including the decrease of the immune system, lack of concentration, and even depression. There are indeed some people who are gifted with an ability to sleep less than the ideal hours without any problem. But sure, if you are not one of them, this is not something to be tried.

Just like you are not allowed to sleep too short, too much sleeping is also not recommended at all. In fact, too much sleeping becomes a risk factor for some diseases. They are diabetes, heart attack, Alzheimer, depression, backache, and obesity. When you are sleeping, your body tends to be idle with only a slow movement. This cause the body metabolism works more slowly. Then, some kinds of nutrition that are unable to process well including carbohydrate and sugar. When they are accumulated, sure, the diseases mentioned above are possible to suffer.

How to Achieve an Ideal Sleeping Habit

Some people may have been on a healthy and ideal sleeping amount without putting too many efforts. Commonly, that way of sleeping has been a habit and they don’t have any problem with that. Unfortunately, not all people are so lucky with that good habit. As you are getting older, there are more activities that let you have less sleeping time. Meanwhile, some other problems are suffered like stress and depression.

To solve the problems, you can start it by improving your lifestyle. You can make a daily schedule with proper sleeping time. Besides, some good activities must also be conducted including regular exercises and consuming healthy foods. Try to reduce stress by taking a rest and doing your hobby within your hectic schedules. When the body’s condition is good, achieving an ideal sleeping habit is no longer a big deal.