How to force yourself to sleep tips might be the last solution looked by those who have chronic insomnia. Actually, making yourself to fall asleep will only make your insomnia worse. What you can do is searching for information about how much sleep do you need by age, fulfill it, and follow ways to quickly fall asleep. If you have difficulty to sleep, here are tricks to quickly fall asleep.

Drink Water

If you drink coffee or energy drink during the day, it can be the cause of why you hardly fall asleep. In order to overcome it, drink a glass of water before you go to bed. The effect of coffee and energy drink cannot just disappear from your body. And water will help your body to dissolve the effect. If you have difficulty to sleep at night, do not make it worse by drinking coffee or energy drinks in the afternoon. Try to not drinking those beverages after 11 AM. Moreover, consuming chicken and bread can also help you to quickly sleep.

Wear Socks

Besides able to make your feet warm, wearing socks when you are sleeping can make the blood vessels in your foot getting bigger. Increased blood flow is able to distribute a warm and relax feeling to the whole body. The body’s signal to sleep will be accepted quicker by the brain. If the weather is too hot, you can wear thin socks.

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Let Your Mind Wanders

Daydreaming is actually able to help you to quickly feel sleepy. When people are daydreaming, they tend to think and recall happy and fun moments so that their stress is relieved and their minds are relaxed. So, when you hardly fall asleep at night, let your mind wander. You can imagine being in a pretty beach in your dreamy country or dating your favorite celebrity. Without you know it, you will feel sleepy and eventually fall asleep.

Do not Force Yourself to Sleep

When you are trying too hard or even forcing yourself to sleep, the harder you will fall asleep. Sleep is a body function that will come by itself. Just like hunger, you do not need to think about when you will feel hungry, do you? You can make a regular sleep schedule that you have to follow to make your brain and body get used to it instead of looking for tips on how to force yourself to sleep.

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