7 Simple Ways How to get a Good Night Sleep

How to get a good night sleep? Sleeping is a primary way to let your body take a rest. When you can do it well at night, it is expected that you may be able to do activities better in the morning. Yes, a quality sleep helps you to keep the strength and body immune system.

Unfortunately, not all people are so lucky to have a good and quality night sleep. Even recent research shows that more than a hundred million people in the world have night sleep problems. One of the solutions done by people is by taking sleeping pills. Unfortunately, it is sometimes not the best solution for some side effects given. So, if you are one of the people with insomnia and other sleeping problems, some ways below can be done for better sleep.

Make a Routine

Your body basically has its own biological schedule. This happens naturally as long as you accustom it to do so. Therefore, no matter how difficult it is, you must set up your body to lay on the bed when the sleeping time has come. By getting used to your body to sleep in a particular time, gradually, it becomes a habit.

For example, even it is not what you have done daily, try to lie down on the bed at 10 pm. Next, close your eyes like you will go sleeping immediately and do this activity every day. In the beginning, of course, you will not go sleeping that fast but since it becomes a habit; your body can simply adapt it on the next nights.

Avoid the Light

In general, a human’s body can take a rest more easily in a dimly or even dark situation. The body tends to be more relaxed. On the other hand, light is more related to consciousness and works. This way, your brain responds to it with some intentions to go working. For this fact, if you are about to go sleeping, it is much better to turn off the lights. Well, how is if you are afraid of the darkness? It must not always be total darkness for sure. Prepare a dimly light or electric lantern to help you this point.

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Even for them who don’t have the problem of insomnia, sleeping in the dark is highly recommended for the sake of health. There are many research results that show the disadvantages of light during sleeping. They are starting from the lower sleeping quality and tiresome to some chronic diseases like cancer.

Have a Comfortable Environment

Maybe, the main cause why you cannot go sleeping easily is due to the environment itself. You probably live in a crowded area that is always noisy even at night. Meanwhile, the dirty and unhealthy room also becomes another reason why someone’s sleep tends to be not qualified.

Starting from now, you should put some efforts to have a better environment. It can be started from your own room like by changing the arrangement and throwing away some unnecessary stuff. The noise from the outside cannot be simply avoided indeed. However, you may put some tools to muffle the sounds from the outside.

Make sure that the room is categorized as healthy by installing windows and ventilation. When the sunshine and air are circulated well in the morning, the room will also be more comfortable at night. One more thing, during the insomnia recovery, it is better not to eat and work in the bedroom. Not only is it for the mess it makes, but such things also suggesting your body to be conscious, not sleeping.

Keep the Body Clean

All the hectic activities you have done all day long may remain the dirt; sweat, germ, and anything else that make your body feel not comfortable. What is the solution? Of course, it is by cleaning up your body before sleeping. You must shower or take a bath to remove the dirt as well as making the body feel more refreshed.

If bathing has been done only some hours before sleeping time, you don’t need to repeat it for sure. You can just do some rituals like washing your face, hands, and foot before going to bed. Brushing your teeth is necessary as well.

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Be Relax

Mostly, insomnia and other sleep problems happen for reasons. There are probably some problems in your life that make you tend to be stressed and even depressed. In the worst case, you cannot even sleep well. So rather than taking the sleeping pills that are also functioned to make you relax, try to relax your mind by yourself. It is not something difficult actually.

You can start it by imagining something good. What to imagine can even be something simple like eating delicious foods. Meanwhile, try to forget your problems, works, and other depressing things.

Avoid Coffee and Alcohol

Coffee contains caffeine that leads to consciousness and more active cells. That’s why; this drink indeed helps you a lot while working. But sure, if you want to have quality sleep, coffee must be avoided even if you love it so much. Another beverage you must avoid during the sleeping recovery is alcohol. Yes, alcohol indeed makes your body cells work more abnormally.

You should also stop eating around 2 hours before going to bed. When your digestive system is working, automatically, the entire body keeps conscious and it makes you find more difficult to go sleeping. Sure, eating before sleeping gives you some digestive problems as well.

Apply Healthy Lifestyle

It is much better if you turn your daily lifestyle, in general, into the healthier one. That healthy lifestyle is including exercising, consuming only good and healthy foods, taking a rest even in the middle of working, joining meditation class, managing stress, and more.

Sure, there are many more health benefits aside from the quality sleep you can get for those activities. Your body will be healthier and more refreshed every day. Besides, it also improves your performance at works. Some diseases are also avoided to come since the immune system tends to be stronger.