How to Quickly Fall Asleep

How to get to sleep quickly is another most asked question next to how much sleep do you need by age. Insomnia is a difficulty to fall asleep which triggered by some reasons, one of them is stress. People who are suffering from this sleeping disorder can fall asleep after midnight or even at dawn. If you are also having difficulty to sleep, follow these tips to quickly feel sleepy.

Take A Warm Shower An Hour Before Bedtime

Taking a warm bath or shower an hour before your bedtime will make your body and muscles get relaxed. Moreover, the body that is exposed to a warm temperature then exposed to a cold temperature will make you quickly feel sleepy.

Consume Fruits & Warm Beverages Before Sleep

Besides taking a warm shower or warm bath, drinking warm beverages is also helpful to make you fall asleep quickly. Instead of drinking beverages that contain caffeine, it will be better if you drink warm milk which contains high calcium. If you are hungry, you can consume healthy snacks. For example, you can drink a glass of warm milk and eat fresh fruits or yogurt.

Eat Your Dinner At Least 4 Hours Before Sleep

The best time to eat dinner is 4 hours before your bedtime. Moreover, fatty foods, chocolates, and spicy foods will not be digested well if you consume them several hours before sleeping. So, your digestive system will still work and make you hardly fall asleep. Instead, you can consume bananas, avocados, egg yolks, and spinach before you go to bed. Those foods can increase the quality of your sleep.

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Lavender is famous as aromatherapy because of its relaxing characters. Besides having a calm smell, lavender is also able to make your nerves calm and body relaxed. A study from the Wesleyan University in 2005 mentioned that people who smell lavender oils or aromatherapy for 2 minutes to 3 minutes would increase their sleep quality. Moreover, they can also wake up with a fresher body the next morning.

Turn the Light Off

Sleeping with dim lights of light off will also increase the chance to quickly fall asleep. Lay down on your back on your bed with the lights off. This way, sleep hormone called melatonin hormone will be produced by the body and you will start to feel sleepy right away. Those are the tips on how to get to sleep quickly.

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