Ideal Amount of Sleep

Recommended amount of sleep – There are many opinions which mention that an ideal amount of sleep is 8 hours per day. However, there are also other assumptions which say that it is fine to sleep less than 8 hours as long as it has quality. So, which one is right? How long is an ideal sleep duration? Actually, every person needs different sleep durations, depends on their ages. We cannot generalize that all people should sleep 8 hours per day.

Toddlers need more than 10 hours to sleep per day, while adults need around 7 hours per day to sleep. It will also be different for the elderly. It is important to take note that besides the sleep duration, the quality of the sleep itself is essential too.

This is why you are suggested to look for tips on how to get a good night sleep. Because the fitness of the body is not only determined by the sleep duration but also the quality. By having a good night sleep, your body will be more prepared and ready to do daily activities. If you wake up several times during your night sleep, it means you have sleeping disorders or problems with your health. Directly go to the doctors to treat it.

Moreover, try to wake up and sleep at the same time every day. Make a sleep schedule in order to make your body and brain get used to it. This way, your sleep cycle, and quality will improve. Do not drink tonic beverages or consume heavy meals before you go to bed. Because those 2 habits will not make you fall asleep easily.

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Other habits that you must be concerned about are do not play with your smartphone or other gadgets. Turn off the light before you sleep because the melatonin hormone is produced only when the eyes find darkness. So that you will easily fall asleep.

Choose a comfortable mattress and pillow in order to support your good night sleep. An ideal amount of sleep for every person is different. The most important thing is you have to make sure you get enough sleep.

Because lack of sleep will affect the health of your body and lead to some illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, depression, and heart diseases. Lack of sleep is also related to decreased focus and concentration. So, you are highly suggested to follow the recommended amount of sleep.