Insomnia? This How To Overcome Insomnia

Insomnia, or sleep disturbance at night can be very annoying. Because, sleep is a basic human need that is very important and must be fulfilled. People who suffer from insomnia generally have insufficient and poor quality sleep. The bad news, sleep disturbance at night can affect activities throughout the day.

Actually, the time needed for sleep can vary from person to person, depending on lifestyle, as well as environmental factors. But in general, adults need to sleep at least 7-8 hours a night in one day. Insomnia is characterized by symptoms of insomnia, often waking up at night, and can not sleep despite feeling tired.

Simple Ways to Overcome Insomnia

Factors that cause insomnia can vary, ranging from due to lifestyle, room comfort problems, to psychological disorders, physical health problems, and side effects of drugs. It is important to know what causes insomnia, so that this sleep disorder can be easily overcome. There are various simple ways that can be done to overcome insomnia, including:

Healthy lifestyle

Lifestyle becomes one of the triggering factors of insomnia. Smoking habits, excessive caffeine consumption, unhealthy food, to lack of movement can increase the risk of sleep disorders attack. To overcome this, try implementing a healthy lifestyle, for example by stopping smoking and consuming foods that are rich in nutrients.

Set a Sleep Schedule

Setting a sleep schedule can make it easier for the body to rest, so as to avoid insomnia. Sleep time that is not fixed or often changes also triggers insomnia, because it can interfere with circadian rhythms that function to regulate the body’s metabolism. This will also affect the sleep and wake cycle in the morning.

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Comfortable Room Atmosphere

Could be, insomnia occurs because of the uncomfortable atmosphere of the room. If insomnia occurs prolonged, try to change the room settings or change the sleep light to be dimmer. You can also try adjusting the room temperature so that the body feels warmer.

Eat Healthy

Avoid consuming foods or drinks that contain caffeine before bed. Because, consuming food or drinks containing 400 milligrams of caffeine six hours before bedtime can affect sleep quality. In addition to caffeine, drinking alcohol can indeed make someone easily fall asleep, but can not make you sleep.


Overcoming insomnia can also be done by regular physical activity, aka sports. Routine exercise has been proven to provide good benefits for overall body health. Exercising can help regulate moods, give more energy to the body, lose weight, and make quality sleep.

A Glass of Warm Milk

Difficult to sleep at night one of which can occur due to interference with melatonin, the hormone that plays a role in regulating sleep patterns and wake up the body. If you overcome insomnia, try to consume a glass of warm milk at night or before bedtime. Milk contains calcium which helps the brain produce the hormone melatonin, so insomnia problems can be avoided.