The Effects of Sleep Deprivation

There are many sleep deprivation effects that happen to our body when you do not get enough sleep too much. It is true- lack of sleep is not a trivial thing as you may suffer from several serious complications. While it often is treated as a mere nuisance, you should never overlook the effects caused by the lack of quality sleep. Below you can find some of the effects caused by the inability to figure out how to get a good night sleep.


The first effect caused by the lack of sleep is unwanted accidents. Most importantly, do you know that one of the worst accidents ever recorded in history is caused by men who did not receive enough sleep? For your information, because of some of the workers at Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor in 1986 suffer from sleep deprivation, they caused the worst nuclear meltdown and made the whole city inhabitable for the next thousand years. Unfavorable sleep quality has been known to cause accidents and injuries in many places, especially in the office and public areas.

Cognitive reduction

The next scary effect caused by a lack of sleep is that it dumbs you down. Well, although it sounds pretty frightening, it is true- one of the sleep deprivation effects is that it makes you less intelligent. If you do not receive enough sleeping time, your ability to pay attention will be impaired as well as other cognitive properties, such as alertness, reasoning, concentration, problem-solving, and many others. With such a condition, you would have hard times in learning and comprehending new things that you receive. Therefore, being less intelligent may be caused by sleep deprivation.

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Serious health issues

Alright, the first and the second examples mentioned earlier may be scary enough, but this one might be the scariest- you can suffer from serious health problems if you lack sleeping time! If your sleep loss becomes chronic, you would get several complications which are mostly related to cardiovascular problems. The issues range from a simple irregular heartbeat to a life-threatening stroke.


There are several symptoms which are linked to lack of sleep. It is known that people with depression are more likely to take less than six hours of their time to sleep. Insomnia, by the way, is almost always related to depression since it is one of the symptoms. Well, those are the sleep deprivation effects!