Tips About What to do to Get Sleep Better

How many hours of sleep do adult need might be the first question that comes into your mind when thinking about a good night sleep. You should know it so that you can manage your sleeping time better. If you are having difficulties in falling asleep, then here are some tips on what to do to get sleep better.

Consistently sleep around the same time

Making a habit to sleep around the same time every day is a great idea. Your body will be adjusted to relax and rest on the same hour each day. Once you already have the habit to sleep, let’s say around 11 P.M, then you will feel tired around that time because your body already adjusted to sleeping around the time. Aside from that, your body will also feel refreshed and better each time you wake up in the morning.

Avoid electronics around you

The electronics around your bedroom might radiate signals that will affect your sleeping habit. Therefore, turning off the majority of your electronics such as smartphone, TV, and radio is a good thing. If you have to turn on a fan or AC, make sure the distance is quite far from your bed so the radiation from the electronic won’t affect you too much. When you wake up in the middle of the night, try to avoid using your gadget so you can get back to sleep easier. You have to pay attention that a lamp will affect the sleeping hormone on your body called melatonin, so it will be even better if you sleep in a dark room.

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Avoid consuming alcohol and hi-fat food

Alcohol and hi-fat food will affect your body metabolism greatly. Your body will work harder to process them, resulting in a wake-up state and you will have difficulties in falling asleep. Aside from that, hi-fat food have higher chances to make your body suffer from inflammation. While the alcohol itself might affect your brain, so you will have bad quality sleep.

Taking a warm water bath

Another tip in what to do to get sleep better is to take a warm water bath. The warm water will help the muscle on your body to be more relaxed. The relaxed body will help you to achieve a better sleeping time. The temperature of the water when you take a bath should be around 37 degrees Celsius. Once you finish taking a bath, make sure you go straight into the bed. Taking a warm bath might be a good thing to do in what to do to get sleep better.

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