Wake Up Sleep and Neck Experience Pain, What Are the Causes?

One of the benefits of sleep is to make the body become fresher and ready to undergo further activities with more enthusiasm. However, not all sleep activities make you more comfortable. Sometimes, after waking up we actually experience some problems such as pain in the neck that is quite intense.

Causes of neck pain after waking up

Some people often experience pain in the neck after waking up. This condition is quite common even though not everyone knows what causes it.

Wrong sleeping position

The wrong sleeping position will cause the neck area to become very painful. Generally the correct sleep is the position of the head slightly up and feet down. This is done to avoid blood concentrations in the brain and cause problems in the body. If you sleep with your head bent or lower than your feet, your neck will get sick in the morning.

Using the wrong pillow and bolster

Avoid the wrong pillow and bolster. If you use a pillow that is too high and not soft, you could feel the area in the back of the back uncomfortable the next morning. The same thing happens if you use bolsters to block the head area.

Sudden movement

Sudden body movements can cause problems such as pain and inflammation in the muscles. When you sleep, you will not realize that you have moved your feet or hands quickly. The next morning it feels uncomfortable.

Have experienced injuries in the past

If you have had a neck injury before, chances are the morning experiencing pain in the neck will be large. If you already know you have a deficiency in the neck area, choose a pillow that is just like the type of memory pillow that will expand and shrink when used.

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Medical conditions and other problems

In addition to the above, the pain that occurs in the neck after you wake up is also caused by several medical conditions and other things that are actually trivial. If some of the conditions below often appear, you will often experience pain in the neck after waking up.

  • Bad posture during the day. This bad posture causes great pressure in the neck and only at night or the next day feels quite intense pain.
  • Work with more seating. If you work a lot in the office by looking at a computer screen, chances are that the neck to the back will experience stiffness.
  • Women who have osteoporosis and the condition is not good. Osteoporosis causes the area of ​​the spine from the bottom to the neck to be very painful until it breaks. When sleeping and uncomfortable position, the pain can appear.
  • Experiencing pinched nerves in the back of the neck.

How to deal with neck pain at home

If you often experience pain in the neck, do a few simple things at home.

  • Use ice water or warm water to put in a bottle or a special container compress. Then put it there for 20 minutes. This method is done to reduce excessive inflammation in the neck muscles.
  • If you haven’t healed in one day, repeat compressing again. Don’t just once, but several times a day.
  • Try using drugs to relieve neck pain such as ibuprofen or paracetamol. This drug is safe for consumption according to the dose without the need for a prescription from a doctor.
  • Do yoga or other relaxation exercises.

Prevent pain in the neck after waking up

If you do not want to continue to experience pain in the neck after waking up, do a number of things below.

  • Try sleeping on either side left or right. Find a comfortable position.
  • When sleeping on your side, try placing a roll between two legs. In this way the neck will remain straight.
  • Use a soft and comfortable pillow. Do not use pillows that are too high and cause the neck to become painful.
  • Do exercise regularly every day.
  • Fix position and posture while working so that it is not carried away until the next day.
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When should I see a doctor?

Not all problems of pain that occur in the neck cause a big problem. Some pain will disappear by itself after being treated or simply smeared with a warm ointment. However, in certain conditions, there is also pain in the neck that must immediately get treatment from a doctor. Here are some follow-up signs that make you obliged to see a doctor immediately.

  • Having a fever with varying intensity. Sometimes it’s very high and sometimes just light, if you experience this every morning, it’s good to see a doctor immediately.
  • Pain in the neck radiates to cause headaches. This headache can be very intense or only mild pain which if used for sleep can immediately disappear by itself.
  • Pain in the chest like a heavy object pressing on it. This condition can also be aggravated by very short breaths.
  • In the neck area a strange lump appears. This lump can be painful or not at all.
  • Difficulty in swallowing. The neck hurts and makes you only want to drink water or eat something softer.
  • Some glands in the neck will experience swelling.
  • Problems with bladder and digestion.

Here are some reviews of pain that occurs in the neck after you wake up. After reading the reviews above, we find out that it turns out that the problem that occurs in the neck after waking up, more appears due to our own mistakes. Well, what are some mistakes you often make when you sleep at night?